Not only are we a Stockist and wholesaler, we also provide value-added services to clients on areas such as kitchen layouts, equipment rentals and recommendations on suitable equipment for particular budgets or concerns.

U-Save provides a full-spectrum solution to the market - from tangible products to intangible, yet valuable advises.
Mr. Alvin Teo, General Manager
Ensuring that your kitchen layout and design, equipment choice and workflow are aligned for maximum efficiency.

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Apart from products, we also provide maintenance packages, ensuring the continued effectiveness of your equipment.

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For special or ad-hoc events where purchasing is not necessary, we provide rental services for a full range of equipment.

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We offer a wide range of ready-made s/steel products. For specialty items, we offer customization options as well.
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With good products comes quality SERVICES

U-Save not only provides an integral range of commercial F & B kitchen equipments and products, but also a comprehensive series of services to ensure that customers receive the high standard of service (and peace of mind) they deserve. U-Save provides equipments and products for restaurants, cafes, eateries, bars, pubs etc. It is simply one place where you can find all that you need for your F & B or Kitchen requirements. The latest add-on to our line of products are equipments for Marine Kitchen F & B usage.
We have been in this industry for 22 years and being rich in experience means that we know exactly what is necessary, what is lacking, what is needed and how things can be improved for our clients.
  • Consultation and advice on F&B equipments
  • Floor plan and Layout of Kitchen Equipment
  • Wide Array of F&B equipment for selection
  • Renovation and Prep-work for installation of equipments
  • Budgeting and Control

Literally, we know exactly where to do the drainage work, drill the hole and connect the cables. Make no mistake, that the unbiased advise and consultation from our team of experienced professionals may very well prevent future realization of problems and, in return, save your business from unnecessary costs!

Please click on the links below to view the various Stainless Steel Kitchen Equipment we can Design and Fabricate


All U-Save products (excluding cutlery and crockery) come with warranty so you can be sure that your equipment will ALWAYS be insured !

Also, we provide repair services for our products. Therefore, you will NOT be left stranded even after your warranty expires. As our valued customers, we are just a call away. In no time, yours equipment will be back in operational mode!

At times, the purchase of equipment may not be the best option for the occasion, such as temporary events or celebrations. When Renting becomes a more feasible option, U-Save comes into the picture.
U-Save provides rental services for your events at affordable and, most importantly, reasonable rates!    
U-Save provided rental of f & b equipments and sponsorshop of events such as culinary competitions and food exhibitions. For mega-events requiring substantial quantity of equipments of the same standards, brands and specifications, U-Save can meet such requirement easily.

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U-Save understands that time is of essence, and not everyone can afford to wait too long for their equipment. As such, we offer a wide range of ready-made s/steel products such as work tables, sinks and shelves for quick delivery. If customization is necessary, just let us know!



Regional Exports

Throughout the years, U-Save has established a firm network of relationships with regional partners. U-Save exports out products, and experience, regionally. Overseas clients receive the same high standard and committed level of service that we offer. Arrangements can be made for shipments (regardless of quantity) to regional locations. U-Save is happy to oblige.

U-Save is a one stop solution for all your F&B needs. F&B businesses will find whatever they need at a single location - from Aprons to Spatulas!

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