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As compared to cooking chinese noodles, Pasta requires a different equipment to bring out the unique and difference taste and texture in Pasta. Pasta Cooker resembles a Fryer but instead of filling the vat with oil, it is filled with water for boiling spaghetti and other types of pasta. The open pot design also makes cleaning of the Pasta Cooker easier.

Fagor is an internationally-recognised brand from Spain. It is the fifth largest domestic appliances manufacturer in Europe and provide a wide range of commercial kitchen equipment that offers quality and performance. U-Save exclusively distributes some of Fagor's most impressive equipment such as Dishwasher, Glasswashers, "Hood" type Dishwashers, Pasta Cooker and more.

Model Reference Capacity Power Dimension
(W x D x H)mm


20L 8,00kW 350 x 775 x 850

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