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EURO-CHILL (Premier) Wine chillers are designed with the most discerning connoseur in mind. Classic “wood-brown” finishing and shelves supported by stainless steel frames provide superior display angle and clarity. European compressors ensure excellent temperature consistency.

Euro-Chill has been a market leader in the industry since establishment in 2001, offering reliability and performance at very affordable price ranges. To provide even better service and reliability, Euro-Chill currently presents in two ranges: Euro-Chill (Classic) and Euro-Chill(Premier).

Euro-Chill (Classic) offers mid-range refrigeration solutions that are cost-effective and yet achieves the high standard of reliability attributed to Euro-Chill (Premier). A best-seller for new start-up businesses and F & B establishments looking for economy without sacrificing reliability.

Euro-Chill (Premier) offers mid to high-end refrigeration solutions without the hefty price tag. Presenting superior design and finishing, coupled with performance, Euro-Chill (Premier) is the preferred choice for hotels and chain-outlets. In addition, Euro-Chill (Premier) excels in the versatility department with its specially customized ranges. If you have a design in mind, Euro-Chill (Premier) can custom-manufacture a chiller/freezer for you!

It’s no wonder Euro-Chill (Classic) and Euro-Chill (Premier) are favorites among small-scale F & B establishments and mega-scale chain restaurants alike!

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Fiamma Bain Marie
USD 374 GD
Model Description Dimension
(W x D x Hmm)
USD 374 GD

Gross Volume: 372L
Net Volume: 345L
Performance: 10 - 18 Deg. C
Evaporator:Ventilated Air Cooling (Blower)
Refrigerant: R134a
Drainage: Self-Evaporating
Shelves: 5 wooden shelves
Accessories: Digital Temperature Display

595 x 640 x 1840 Refrigerant: R134a
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