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Euro-Chill Premier's 3-Door Counter Chillers & Freezers are the prime selling model in Euro-Chill's range of Counter Chillers & Freezers. It features a powerful and energy-efficient compressor from Danfoss, Germany and the entire frame and exterior finishing is made of high-quality stainless steel. Effort has also been put into the design of the rack's material to give more durability and yet, bigger storage space.

To provide even better service and reliability, Euro-Chill currently presents in two ranges: Euro-Chill (Classic) and Euro-Chill(Premier).

Euro-Chill (Classic) offers mid-range refrigeration solutions that are cost-effective and yet achieves the high standard of reliability attributed to Euro-Chill (Premier). A best-seller for new start-up businesses and F & B establishments looking for economy without sacrificing reliability.

Euro-Chill (Premier) offers mid to high-end refrigeration solutions without the hefty price tag. Presenting superior design and finishing, coupled with performance, Euro-Chill (Premier) is the preferred choice for hotels and chain-outlets. In addition, Euro-Chill (Premier) excels in the versatility department with its specially customized ranges. If you have a design in mind, Euro-Chill (Premier) can custom-manufacture a chiller/freezer for you!

It’s no wonder Euro-Chill (Classic) and Euro-Chill (Premier) are favorites among small-scale F & B establishments and mega-scale chain restaurants alike!

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Fiamma Bain Marie
Model Description Dimension
(W x D x Hmm)
EC-CC180-60FL 3-dr Counter Chiller (410L)
Temperature: -2C ~ 8C
1800 x 600 x 850 1.5Kw
EC-CC180-75FL 3-dr Counter Chiller (500L)
Temperature: -2C ~ 8C
1800 x 750 x 850 2.0Kw
EC-CF180-60FL 3-dr Counter Freezer (410L)
Temperature: -12C ~ -20C
1800 x 600 x 850 1.5Kw
EC-CF180-75FL 3-dr Counter Freezer (500L)
Temperature: -12C ~ -20C
1800 x 750 x 850 2.0Kw




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