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T&S Plumbing Products

For decades, T&S Brass has been supplying quality faucets and plumbing products to the restaurant and foodservice market. With more than 60 years in the foodservice market from QSR to fine dining, T&S has a deep understanding of the special challenges of the restaurant setting. T & S have a range of products to help meet these unique needs.

"Lead-free" — Legislation in several states in America restricts the amount of lead in plumbing fixtures to less than .25 percent. T&S makes a complete line of products compliant with these requirements for foodservice establishments that want to reduce the potential for even minimal lead exposure.

Water and Energy Conservation
T&S has been a leader in water conservation for decades with various low-flow products, sensor and metering faucets, and low-leak cartridges. Our pre-rinse units have long been the standard of the industry while still delivering class-leading cleaning times. And important to any restaurant owner is the energy and cost savings that accompany water savings: every gallon of water not used is one less gallon of water to heat or dispose of.

Antimicrobial - Hygiene is an important consideration in a restaurant setting, especially in the restroom areas where users expect sanitary fixtures. T&S makes a line of products with an antimicrobial coating. This coating cleans easily and keeps plumbing surfaces more hygienic by inhibiting the growth of microbes that can cause illness.


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