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EC Premier Chillers & Freezers

Euro-Chill has been a market leader in the industry since establishment in 2001. A registered trademark, Euro-Chill is easily recognized as one of the most popular brands carried by Kitchen Sense. Offering consistency and performance at very attractive price ranges, it’s no wonder Euro-Chill is a favorite among small-scale F & B establishments and mega-scale chain restaurants alike!

To provide even better service and reliability, Euro-Chill currently presents in two ranges; Euro-Chill (Classic) and Euro-Chill (Premier).

Euro-Chill (Premier) offers mid to high-end refrigeration solutions without the hefty price tag. Presenting superior design and finishing, coupled with performance, Euro-Chill (Premier) is the preferred choice for hotels and chain-outlets. In addition, Euro-Chill (Premier) excels in the versatility department with its specially customized ranges. If you have a design in mind, Euro-Chill (Premier) can custom-manufacture a chiller/freezer for you!

Euro-Chill (Classic) and Euro-Chill (Premier) will exceed the expectations of any discerning client seeking reliability and economy.

Find out more information from www.euro-chill.com/premier-line.

Products of EC Premier Chillers & Freezers

Euro-Chill Premier Rectangular Cake Display Chillers (Standard Series)

Euro-Chill Premier Countertop Display Chillers

Euro-Chill Premier Upright Display Chillers/Freezers

Euro-Chill Premier Upright Wine Chillers

Euro-Chill Premier Ice Cream Display Freezers

Euro-Chill Premier Ice Machines & Bins

Euro-Chill Premier Solid-Door Chest Freezers

Euro-Chill Premier Glass-Door Chest Freezers

Euro-Chill Premier Curved-Glass Sliding Door Chest Freezers

Euro-Chill Premier 2-Door Upright Chillers & Freezers

Euro-Chill Premier 2-Door & 3-Door Undercounter Chillers & Freezers

Euro-Chill Premier 3-Door Undercounter Chillers & Freezers

Euro-Chill Premier 4-Door Upright Chillers & Freezers

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