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Our Service


With good products comes quality SERVICES!

U-Save not only provides an integral range of commercial F & B kitchen equipment and products, but also a comprehensive series of services to ensure that customers receive the high standard of service (and peace of mind) they deserve. U-Save provides equipments and products for food service businesses, such as restaurants, cafes, eateries, bars, pubs etc. It is simply one place where you can find all that you need for your F & B or Kitchen requirements. The latest add-on to our line of products are equipments for Marine Kitchen F & B usage.

Ensuring that your kitchen layout and design, equipment choice and workflow are aligned for maximum efficiency.
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Apart from products, we also provide maintenance packages, ensuring the continued effectiveness of your equipment.
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For special or ad-hoc events where purchasing is not necessary, we provide rental services for a full range of equipment.
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We offer a wide range of ready-made s/steel products. For specialty items, we offer customization options as well.
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